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Gay, Anna & Christine
Bradley on the Gator
Our son Brad and his dog Koko. She was our first Australian Shepherd. The character of this dog overwhelmed me. I had owned many breeds of dogs over the years. Koko was the most intelligent and easiest to train I had the opportunity to be around on a daily basis. Certainly, I loved and cared for all the dogs I owned over these many years. But this breed, this dog stole the show hands down. She was a companion, a friend and your best bud. My son simply could not have chosen a better breed or puppy. When it came time for us to move to the farme, Koko made that move also. This was the life for her. My father already had an inside dog (Rocky) but really had no outside dog. Koko quickly became the farme dog. Koko had one liter just before we came to the farm. I have kept in touch with one of those owners. John P. of Morganton purchased one of those puppies and he and his family fell in love with their Ausssie as well. We lost Koko in a tragic accident and thus we began our journey to replace her, and breed other dogs like her, so that others could experience the wonder and amazement of this beautiful breed.
Brad and Koko
Koko's son, owned by John P of Morganton, NC
Dad and Rockie on the Gator
As we continue to develope the farme, I wanted to clear out a large ravine. This would be a perfect place to build a dam and collect excess rain water. Since the pond was completed, the wild life that live on and cross over our farme have made this a favorite spot to gather. 
The dam is 12 feet high and we are able to back up about 10 feet of water. Jason Wease did all the construction on the dam and clearing out the ravine. We planted winter rye grass/fescue mix as soon as he finished and now it is turning green. As the red dirt settles and we get a better handle on the erosion from the construction, we hope to stock the pond in 2014.
The grandkids are already asking when can we go fishing. I will start stocking with bait fish and when they multiply enough I will stock with game fish and some catfish. I may even put a beach on one side or a gazebo/picnic area. As the cold weather gives way to warmer days, T.J. and I will go to the pond more often. The girls will get a trip on occasion and I hope to get some good photos of our Aussies playing in the pond. 
Dad & Mom and the boys
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